Looking Back: Year 1

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it has been an entire year since we purchased our lovely tea room?! What an incredible ride it has been.

We have had so much fun in the kitchen learning how to make amazing little goodies: what flavors go together (and which do not!), creating themes, figuring out fancy shapes, and learning new techniques. In all a perfect excuse to binge watch the Great British Baking Show and spend an abundance of time on Pinterest…doing “research” of course! Attending the Northwest Tea Festival and learning about tea, tastings, and etiquette was a highlight of our year! So many ideas! little time to implement them all. And, of course, finding new goodies for our Gift Shoppe…how awesome is it that we taste test and shop for a living!

We have had the blessing to be a part of so many special days with our guests. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, baby showers, memorials, church groups, family reunions and time with special friends. We have had the wonderful opportunity to visit with people from across the country and all around the world. The best part of our day is to help make a special memory for our guests…even if it is just a quiet ‘cuppa’ tea and a good book.

For me, (Belinda) personally, my lows this year were administrative; talking to the government (state and federal…ick!), paying taxes and other equally thrilling tasks required to run a business. My highs, however, were worth ever minute of the former: watching our young staff grow and blossom as they gain confidence in themselves, teaching them new skills, developing their work ethic and -best of all- just getting to spend time with these awesome kids! Besides the amazing teens I have the privilege to employ; being on the front lines to watch my own children grow, mature, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes has been a priceless experience.

To all our wonderful guests, amazing friends -new and old, and faithful prayer warriors: Thank you!! While those words do not begin to match the gratitude in our hearts, they are all we can say. Thank you. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Thank you for becoming a part of our family.

Belinda and Glenda

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