• Mandy Baker

Halloween is Coming!

Do you like Halloween? Is it the time of year you look forward to most because it means the cobwebs in your home, you haven’t cleaned in like forever makes it look like you’ve made a special effort to dress each room?

Well, Halloween is just around the corner. That one day of the year when you can let your kiddos dress up like extras from The Walking Dead and the stores are selling red (fake blood) food coloring by the gallon. It’s one of the few days when you allow your kids to gorge themselves on candy and sweets.

Like on classics such as The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown your kiddos are probably jumping out of their skin in anticipation for next week. Why drag them around to neighborhoods that could be hit or miss treat wise? Why not just take them downtown where the treats are guaranteed and the people friendly?

In Tillamook, Halloween means that many of the businesses take the time to gather up some treats and then hand them out to all those dressed up kiddos.

Here at La Tea Da, it is no different. We will be handing out homemade treats to your ghosts and goblins from 3pm until 5pm. Bring your little ones by and get something that will stand out among their Trick-or-Treat haul this year!

So, if you’re looking for a warm, friendly, safe environment to bring your little monsters, come on down to La Tea Da and give your adorable ghosts and ghouls a really spooky-licious time.

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