• Mandy Baker

Find Comfort in Your Favorite Tea

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea. It is familiar. It is comforting. During these uncertain times, we can all find a bit of reassurance in a pot of tea. For those who usually find comfort here in our tea room, you might be finding yourself longing for a pot of tea in one of your favorite flavors we offer.

Don’t fret! We are here for you in these difficult times. One thing we can offer to you is your favorite flavor of tea. You can call us or contact us through Facebook and have your favorite teas shipped directly to your front door!

So, sit back, relax, and find your comfort in the bottom of a hot cup of your favorite tea!

Find us on Facebook or call us today (503) 842- 5447.

Stay safe, find hope in your loved ones, and enjoy a cuppa!

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