A Time for Goodbye

We are saddened to announce that after 18 years of business, La Tea Da Tea Room will be closing our doors. Due to constraints of the new regulations, we are unable to operate the business at a sustainable level. While it breaks our hearts and we will miss our beloved guests, it is the responsible decision to make.

La Tea Da Tea Room in Tillamook has been a gem and tourist attraction since its opening. People from all over the world have come to our establishment and created many wonderful memories here. We have a varied and loyal clientele and have watched with joy these past few years as our business has taken off and were excitedly planning continued growth and expansion.

Part of this was expanding on our mission which is to train young people (14+) in their first jobs and give them customer service experience to put on their resumes as they head into the workforce. As of March 16th, we had to lay off all our teen staff to keep them in compliance with the “stay home, stay safe” requirements, and the payroll expense down. Unfortunately, our efforts have been unsuccessful. Even with the Paycheck Protection Program and cutting all spending, we are not able to generate enough revenue to stay in the black.

Our last day of food service will be August 29, 2020. Until then we will be open Wednesday – Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Afternoon Tea will be served at 11am and 1:30pm, we are limited to 3 tables at a time and only 4 people at each table to maintain the social distancing guidelines, reservations are required. We will also continue to offer our full menu for Take-Out, call between 10am and 2pm to place an order to pick up by 3pm.

Thank you for all the wonderful laughter, joy and memories you allowed us to be a part of.

We will miss you all!

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